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It’s all about the pitching

Pitching it is all about.I’m sitting at my keyboard listening to the Yankees shellac the Red Sox (it’s 9-2 now), so it got me thinking about pitching.

Josh Beckett was steady until the top of the 6th inning. That’s usually what does in a pitcher. The big inning. It certainly did Beckett in tonight.

With Dice-K, it’s often...

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Red Sox Spring Training Day 4

The final (photos) installment from my Spring Training trip this year…will try to get some additional video up soon.  Click on Heidi to see the set.  The good weather continued for our final day in the Fort.  Again, it’s a bit early for much in the way of news...

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Beckett being Beckett; Papi being Papi

It’s me again. We’re finally breaking the post-a-month habit here at Year of the Sox. DP posted yesterday and I’m posting today. You never know, we might post again tomorrow.

It’s a terrific night. Beckett is being Beckett. A brilliant performance...

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Gotta Love Lester

Steve Buckely drives me up a wall most of the time, but he’s got a nice piece on Jon Lester. Then again, how could anyone write anything but a nice piece about him? This guy was steeled by a fight with cancer, so the fact that he’s now considered a veteran ballplayer is almost insignificant...

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Red Sox Spring Break Live

Welcome to Year of the Sox. This is the first post.

I’m sitting here on a quiet, sleepy Saturday morning and I’m finding myself watching the waning minutes of Breakfast with the Bruins (something I don’t make a habit of) while I wait for the start of Red Sox Spring Break Live...

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