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It’s all about the pitching

Pitching it is all about.I’m sitting at my keyboard listening to the Yankees shellac the Red Sox (it’s 9-2 now), so it got me thinking about pitching.

Josh Beckett was steady until the top of the 6th inning. That’s usually what does in a pitcher. The big inning. It certainly did Beckett in tonight.

With Dice-K, it’s often...

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Tim Wakefield, All-Star

As I’m watching Beckett mow ’em down today, I’ve been reading a great piece on Wake in the Times.

“I had to do it or finish school and get a job,” Tim Wakefield said of developing his knuckleball.

I wrote about Wake a while back and couldn’t have been more wrong. He’s had a great year.

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Masterful Masterson

The spot start is a strange phenomenon. It can make or break a young pitcher. And it can become the lot of an old bullpen hand. Justin Masterson performed well today–especially considering the early Marathon Monday start. Consider the line:

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    My take on Wake

    “Tim Wakefield had a shaky outing today.”

    How many times have you seen that line, or a line like it? Number 49’s career has been built on shaky–or wobbly, to be precise. It’s the lot in life for the knuckleballer. Usually, he follows up a game like that with a solid, even sparkling effort.

    Tony Ma...

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