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Sox skipper search stumped?

Dan Shaughnessy's blathering on about the Sox search for a new manager being in chaos. This is the kind of stuff Shank eats up. But is the search in chaos? Read More

The Pats loss and more serious things–like baseball

Dan Shaughnessy says that yesterday’s Pats loss to the Jets ranks alongside the Pats loss in the Super Bowl a few years ago and the Sox loss to the Yankees in 2003. But ol’ Shank has it wrong. This is, as Bill Maher might say, a false equivalency...

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Report From The Fort 2010, Episode 1

If you're planning to go down to Fort Myers to catch a few spring training games, you owe it to yourself to head down the Tamiami Trail (Route 41) about 30 minutes south from City of Palms Park to check out Lansdowne Street, what must surely be THE most authentic Red Sox bar in Florida. Read More

Hope Springs Eternal

Now that we’ve gotten the cliched title out of the way, it’s time to start really, TRULY start thinking about the Boston Red Sox of 2010.

Captain Carl greeted us at the gate on the way down to Fort Myers, a reminder of the team I grew up watching and its legacy so very different from the one the con...

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The Dice Man Cometh…Again.

Hes coming back...has he fixed himself enough to help?

He's coming back...has he fixed himself enough to help?

Tomorrow sees the (not particularly) anticipated return of Daisuke Matsuzaka to pitch for the Olde Towne Team...

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Welcome to the LaRoche Era


Breaking news out of Pittsburgh is that Adam LaRoche may very well soon be joining the Boston Red Sox as Boston once again makes a trade deadline move with Pittsburgh (LaRoche is their current RBI and HR leader).  He is, however, mired in a slump with his average dipping to .247...

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The New York Yankees Will Soon Announce…

…that they have signed Frank Catalanotto to a one year deal. If they’re smart.

News out of Surprise Arizona today is that the Rangers have given the legendary Red Sox-killer his unconditional release to make way for the legendary Dodger-bust Andruw Jones...

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Report From The Fort (Day 2)

1A, 5, and 1.  I like our chances.

1A, 5, and 1. I like our chances.

…Well it’s technically Day 3, but since I’m finally back on a decent wifi connection I’m going to upload today’s Red Sox update first (I’ve done so much live tweeting the last few days I have to stop myself from typing “Red Sox” as “#redsox”…check out @Mueller11 o...

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Report From The Fort (Day 1)

Welcome to Ft. Myers, Florida where the pawn industry still thrives.

Welcome to Ft. Myers, Florida where the pawn industry still thrives.

Ah, yes. It’s that time again. Time for a break from the winter doldrums in New England. I’ve been fortunate enough for the last several years to spend a few days each March in the land of Hooters and bizarre police blotter item...

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Didn’t See This Coming: J.D. Drew Sent to Boston with Bad Back

Bad back KOs DrewRead More