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ST Baseball back on NESN

Tuned in for a portion of the Red Sox/Twins tilt this afternoon. With snow falling steadily outside, it was really great to see signs that our own spring is not that far away. 3 innings of recognizable players and then the inevitable replacement by the Jonathan Van Everys of the world...

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First in the tag cloud, last in your heart

I had planned to write a lengthy piece (you lucky readers, you) looking at how the media had fawned over the cheaters...

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Thinning of the Herd?

I was fairly surprised by a stat which appeared in Tony Masseroti’s piece in the Globe today on the wane in interest in all thing Red Sox, namely this:

NESN viewership dropped by nearly 20 percent last year.

I was not expecting such a sharp decline in interest in the team following Modern Era Champi...

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Red Sox Spring Break Live

Welcome to Year of the Sox. This is the first post.

I’m sitting here on a quiet, sleepy Saturday morning and I’m finding myself watching the waning minutes of Breakfast with the Bruins (something I don’t make a habit of) while I wait for the start of Red Sox Spring Break Live...

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