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Papi don’t preach

Papi don't preachIn a washed-out-white press room in Yankee Stadium (Yes!), David Ortiz faced the media yesterday to say, well, not very much. Not because he was holding back, but because he simply doesn’t know.

But he did deny ever (at least knowingly) taking steroids. Nonetheless:

“I definitely was a little bit c...

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Ortiz tested positive in 2003, says NY Times

This would be tough news, but not entirely unexpected. It’s why I say that list from 6 years ago should be made public and we should stop the dribs and drabs releases we’ve seen. It’s not fair to the clean players and it’s certainly not fair to the fans. If Ortiz is on the list that’s too bad...

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Beckett being Beckett; Papi being Papi

It’s me again. We’re finally breaking the post-a-month habit here at Year of the Sox. DP posted yesterday and I’m posting today. You never know, we might post again tomorrow.

It’s a terrific night. Beckett is being Beckett. A brilliant performance...

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Good signs in Ft. Myers

I watched the Sox play the Yankees last night, although it’s a struggle to watch baseball in standard definition after you’ve been spoiled by HD.

Apart from this meaningless win over the pinstripes, there were two good signs:

  1. Mike Lowell went 2 for 2 at the plate, with a solo homer and a single.
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Big Papi speaks

The sound on this is awful, but it’s good to see Papi.

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