ST Baseball back on NESN

Tuned in for a portion of the Red Sox/Twins tilt this afternoon. With snow falling steadily outside, it was really great to see signs that our own spring is not that far away. 3 innings of recognizable players and then the inevitable replacement by the Jonathan Van Everys of the world. Remy’s sick today, so it’s just Orsillo and a parade of guests in the booth (Sean McAdam, Theo, etc.), but just hearing Orsillo’s voice is a cue that baseball is back. Good to see too that Don is already well into his annual process of molting into a lobster.

The team is sporting their “alternate road uniforms” which are by far the best of the glut of new on-field merchandise the team has come up with this year. They look pretty sharp with the scarlet accents and the red socks (assuming the player shows them). They’d be great for batting practice and spring training, but sadly, we will be seeing them during games that count along with the appalling new “alternate cap”. But more on that in a future blog post. For now, I’ve just been enjoying having baseball back on the TV to help get us through the last 6 weeks of crummy weather before we start to see some actual sun roof days.

Look for a couple of updates from Ft. Myers in about a week.

Youkilis just took Craig Breslow yard. Looking forward to getting back to the rhythm of the season.