Didn’t See This Coming: J.D. Drew Sent to Boston with Bad Back


According to Boston.com, the unthinkable has happened:  The Sox had to send iron-man rightfielder J.D. Drew back to Boston for an injection into his troublesome lower back.

Two thoughts come to mind:  First, if you didn’t see this coming then you haven’t been paying attention to the career of one David Jonathan Drew (can’t explain why the initials don’t track with the name).  Second, I didn’t know that intestinal fortitude came in injectable form.  Glad that the docs have come up with this one.  I suspect it’s the only thing that will keep him on the field for more than 100 games this year.

At least we have Rocco Baldelli to back him up… oh, wait, he’s not an every-day player now because of his channelopathy.  Great.  Glad to have Baldelli as a fourth outfielder, but for that to work, we actually need a third outfielder who can, you know, play most days.  Good luck with that.  Paging Brad Wilkerson.