Thanks, Curt

We knew it was coming soon. Maybe he could get one more half-season out of that 42 year old body, but it wouldn’t have come here in Boston, so it didn’t matter to me.

Today, Curt Schilling retired.

I think he’s the kind of guy who’ll stay retired. Seems to me that, after 23 seasons he had nothing left to prove. So, away he goes.

Where does that leave him? Is he a Hall of Famer? Maybe. There sure are a lot of HoFers who didn’t perform in the clutch like he did. If that were the metric, he’d be a lock. I’ll let you know in 5 years.

Curt sure set the bar high. Nothing short of a World Series win would’ve been good enough after Theo spent Thanksgiving 2003 wooing him.

There are many images to treasure.

That Ford commercial from early 2004 where he said he came to town to break an 86-year curse. Curt kissing his necklace as he marched up the mound to mow ’em down.

Most people might say the indelible memory is the bloody sock. Sure, I think that’s a defining moment in Boston sports, just as the Pats’ snow game is. But what I remember most is Curt-the-loudmouth in the locker room after the 2004 WS win, dedicating the win to Sox players of years gone by. It still gives me a shiver. That win (“for Billy Buckner…for Johnny Pesky…”) melted away decades of frustration, and Curt understood that more acutely than anyone.

Schilling stands alongside Russell, Williams, Orr, Bird, and Brady as transformational sports figures in Boston. But Jason Varitek put it best: “I don’t know if we’re standing where we’re at, having won two world championships, without Curt.”

Simple as that–without Curt, the Sox are working on a 91 year drought (and Dan Shaughnessy is breaking out a retread of that tired Curse of the Babe crapola).

For that, we are truly grateful.

Thanks, Curt.