The New York Yankees Will Soon Announce…

…that they have signed Frank Catalanotto to a one year deal. If they’re smart.

News out of Surprise Arizona today is that the Rangers have given the legendary Red Sox-killer his unconditional release to make way for the legendary Dodger-bust Andruw Jones. If Brian Cashman has the sense God gave the average rosin bag, he’ll be on the next plane to Surprise carrying a briefcase full of money to present to the veteran Catalanotto.

Weve seen a lot of this since 1997.  A lot.

We've seen a lot of this since 1997. A lot.

I can’t think of another player in the last 15 years who has been more of a thorn in the side of the Red Sox than the right honorable Mr. Catalanotto.

Over the course of his eleven year major league career (the majority of it spent in Toronto where he could be the most constant possible irritant to Red Sox pitching), he’s batted a respectable .292 with a .358 OBP and .449 SLG. 447 RBI’s accompanied those numbers, and I’d be willing to bet 347 of them came against The Men from the Fens.

Here’s a typical series for Frank Catalanotto against the Red Sox. In 2005, while still in Toronto, the Jays came in for a three game series at Fenway in late September. Catalanotto (probably 0 for the fiscal quarter coming into Fenway), proceeds to go 9 for 12 with a triple, three doubles, and 7 RBI’s. You just knew he was going to hurt you and he’d be up a the plate in key situations.

Frank only played in 88 games last year, and is clearly on the back 9 of his career, but if I were calling the shots down in the 718, I’d bring the guy in even if it’s to ride the pine for 144 of the 162.

Because it’s pretty certain he’s going to rake in those other 18.