What the Angels are Playing for and Why You Should Root for Them

Should the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California USA Planet Earth Milky Way Galaxy The Universe and their fans require further motivation to win the World Series, here it is:

You not just playing for the opportunity to hoist the Commisioner’s Trophy.

Nor are you playing simply for the right to douse one another and every microphone-toting interloper in your clubhouse with Perrier-Jouet NV Grand Brut.

Don't let this man win a ring...

Don't let this man win a ring...

Not even the ring you’ll receive and the attendant glory that comes with wearing it, an heirloom to be cherished by you and your progeny for generations to come, is your primary motivation.  No, you’re playing for something bigger.

<===This.  This is bigger than all those things. You are playing, more than anything, to prevent this man from engaging in any of those aforementioned activities.

And I’ll be rooting you on with everything I’ve got.

Let’s go, Angels: beat New York.