Hope Springs Eternal

Now that we’ve gotten the cliched title out of the way, it’s time to start really, TRULY start thinking about the Boston Red Sox of 2010.

Captain Carl greeted us at the gate on the way down to Fort Myers, a reminder of the team I grew up watching and its legacy so very different from the one the contemporary iteration will enjoy in years to come.

Will the vaunted pitching staff live up to its billing? Will the offense suspected of being short on power surprise us? How much (and how small) will a beer at Fenway be?

All these questions and more are waiting to be answered.

I’ll be updating YOTS with a few posts and plenty of photos from spring training beginning Friday, March 5th including a few live video streams. ┬áTo be informed about when those live video streams will take place, you can follow me on Twitter at either @peplau or @Mueller11.

Play ball.