Mikey just wants to get out there and hit

Mikey, as we all know, is on the block.

I caught an interview with him earlier today and it confirmed what we all know. He’s a great guy.

“Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and that was the farthest thing from my mind,” Lowell said to Tom Caron and Peter Gammons on NESN in an interview from Tuesday. “I’m willing to take things in stride and I’m not really too stressed out about it.”

Don’t cry for him. The media circus doesn’t affect him. He just wants to get out there and hit.

Watch the interview:

The Globe editorial page has gotten on the Mike-is-a-great-guy bandwagon (which I’ll gladly take a spot on as well).

They quote Lowell: “No one needs to feel sorry for me for the situation of my life right now.”

Exactly–it could be worse.