Report From The Fort 2010, Episode 1

If you’re planning to go down to Fort Myers to catch a few spring training games, you owe it to yourself to head down the Tamiami Trail (Route 41) about 30 minutes south from City of Palms Park to check out Lansdowne Street, what must surely be THE most authentic Red Sox bar in Florida.  There are a ton of details I didn’t even cover in the quick video I shot, suffice to say:  it’s worth the trip down from Ft. Myers.  They have gotten many many little details right about this place.  There’s also an outside patio area for dining and drinking (called Yawkey Way).  It’s brilliant, and they depend on your custom as Red Sox fans to stay in business.

Compared with many of the bars in “downtown” Fort Myers which re-brand themselves as “Red Sox” bars with a banner from kinkos they put up for the month of March, this place is truly invested in its identity.  I met the owner last year, and he’s the real deal.

If there is a God, this place should be overrun with Red Sox fans in March.