Report from the Fort Update

Back in Boston after an abbreviated (and earlier than usual) trip this year down to Spring Training. During the trip I was hit by a pretty nasty stomach virus, but didn’t miss a game. It did cause some setbacks on the blogging front, but hey, I’m sure our loyal reader(s) is/are happy for whatever they can get from the dawn of the baseball season.

Lackey's First Outing as a Red Sox 4

Lackey brings it for the Red Sox now!

It’s still about a week before I usually go down for my first game (which is frankly a better time to go down as the starters are getting more playing time and you can get a better sense for how they’ll start the season…unless your a complete roto-nerd and you want to see how people with high uniform numbers look getting mowed down).

Plenty of photos on flickr from this day which you can view by clicking the photo of Lackey above or by following this link.