Thanks, Nomar

NomarWhen I learned Nomar was signing a one-day contract with the Sox so he could retire as a Sox player, I was suddenly flooded with great memories.

Remember his 30th birthday on July 23rd, 2002, when he hit 3 home runs against Tampa? That’s a highlight for me. Remember 2003 when he was struggling in the playoffs against he Yankees? He hit a triple (I think it was in game 6; I refuse to acknowledge game 7) and he stood on the third-base bag with the weight of the world off his shoulders.

Of course, most people remember the Nomar who stood alongside Jeter and A-Roid only a few short years ago–as an elite, future hall of famer. He’s not going to the hall of fame. But we can hold him in our memories–quirky at-bat rituals and all–and remember the good times, not the sullen guy who just wanted out.