Spring Training 2010 Day 3

More photos from Day 3 of the trip (click the photo to see the entire set on flickr), this time from the *gack* defending world champion New York Yankees’ trip to Hammond Stadium to play the Twins.  It was a beautiful day, finally seasonably warm after an extended cold snap (for Florida). Hammond stadium also features one very colorful beer vendor who will hawk his wares to visiting fans as [insert name of visiting team here] beers. So “Yankee beers” were being proffered

Yankees vs Twins

Surprised you can count that high...

throughout the game, along with the question when the sacks were juiced, “the BASES are loaded…how about YOU?!” Great stuff that you really only see at spring training or at minor league parks.

The Yankee faithful were there in great numbers, replete in their commemorative gear (reminding you not only that they’re world champs, but also how many times they’ve won over the years), sitting in better seats than the one they had tickets for until they got kicked out, and generally being ignored by their players.

That is, of course, until a Twins grand slam put them down 8-0 at which point they all rose as one to head for the exits in an impressive mass display of front-runnerism. It was a beautiful thing.