Red Sox Spring Training Day 4

The final (photos) installment from my Spring Training trip this year…will try to get some additional video up soon.  Click on Heidi to see the set.  The good weather continued for our final day in the Fort.  Again, it’s a bit early for much in the way of news.  The Sox won in dramatic walk-off fashion, and most of the starters were in (see the lineup card photo in the set).  Beckett looked

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solid in 3 innings of work, and most of the offense came late from the minor leaguers and non-roster invitees including a 3 run dong courtesy of my and Chad Northrup’s new favorite Iglesias, Jose “Don’t call me Julio” (the Red Sox top shortstop prospect).

Heidi Watney was also in the house to cover the event (and, frankly, to be seen I think). She was actually signing autographs. Welcome to the modern Red Sox marketing machine. We’re a long way from Bob Montgomery on TV 38.

If you do go down there, be sure to head out to the new(ish) centerfield bleachers. They’re not nearly as large or as nice as some others (Charlotte Sports Park where the Devil Rays train comes to mind), but it’s got a spacious concourse, dedicated food and beer stands (including Narragansett (*gag*) and Shipyard Export Ale on tap), and looks down right on top of the visiting bullpen where you can practically reach out and touch the visiting team’s starting battery as they warm up prior to game time (see the flickr set for a few photos of what that looks like). Unless you have tickets out there, you might not think to go out pre-game, but it’s worth doing.