Dave Roberts has lymphoma

Dave makes the steal.
Dave Roberts, the reason why the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004–even without getting a hit–has lymphoma. But, according to AP, he has a good prognosis.

“I expect to beat this fully,” the AP reported Roberts telling journalists during a conference call Monday.

Dave Roberts beats the throw to second base
It’s hard to doubt Dave, who brings to mind maybe the most iconic moment in a Red Sox game ever.

Go ahead, argue with me (I know the moment wasn’t in the WS, but without it, they wouldn’t have gotten there), but it’s hard to find a more important play. It’s the biggest single moment ever for the Red Sox.

Bigger than Pudge coaxing that long ball around the left field foul pole.

Bigger than the bloody sock.

It’s simply the reason they won.

Dave, we’re with you. You’ll beat it just like you beat that throw from Jorge Posada.