Sox skipper search stumped?

It’s chaos, I tell ya. Chaos!

Dan Shaughnessy’s blathering onĀ about the Sox search for a new manager being in chaos. This is the kind of stuff Shank eats up. But is the search in chaos? They never made Wave ‘Em In an offer; GM Ben Cherrington was overruled by the Trio (or Lord Larry alone). Anywho, Dale Sveum is now Theo’s manager in Chicago.

So, who’s left? The word now is that Bobby Valentine is a favorite, and there may be a couple of other stealth candidates.


If Valentine’s stint as a color announcer on ESPN is any indication, we’ll be longing for the return of Grady Little by mid-April.

On ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, this guy actually made me yearn for the keen insight of Joe Morgan. I missed hearing that every pitch was a cutter. Bobby, stick to your day job as director of public safety for Stamford, Conn.

Larry, Bobby's the one on your left.

Larry, Bobby’s the one on your left.

Unfortunately, though, it seems almost inevitable that the desultory search process here in Boston might end up with Valentine (Bobby, not Karen) as the only viable choice.

Maybe that’s why the candidates for the Sox job remind me of the Republican presidential field. In this case, BobbyValentine is Mitt Romney. Is there a Gingrich (or Cain, Perry, or Bachmann???) lying in the weeds waiting for a chance at the Sox job? It’s possible.

But Lucchino likes Valentine (again, Bobby, not Karen–although, who knows, he might be big Room 222 fan)–that’s been known for a while. So, there you go. The Anyone-But-Bobby-Lobby (of which I am a charter member) might be over before it began.

Come next fall, though, we’ll see what kind of shape ole Mitt and Bobby are in.

Mr. Lucchino will see you now.

Mr. Lucchino will see you now.