Gestural slips, unilateral contempt and microfear

Why they’re looking at Alex Rodriguez talking with Katie Couric and not the Gammons interview, I don’t know.

Nonetheless, the NYT talks with a psychologist who is an expert on lying. Interesting piece. But, the thing is, we already know he’s lying. So, why not take a look at the Gammons interview for us, NYT?

Peter Gammons is a great baseball guy, but he lobbed some softballs at A-Roid. I doubt Alex Rodriguez is telling the truth about the time period and the fact he didn’t know what he was taking.

There are other things in the interview I don’t believe, too. Like his line about it being time to “stop being selfish.” Yeah, right. I’m sure all your buddies in the Yankee clubhouse and Joe Torre will vouch for that.

Derek wrote a great piece about A-Roid the other day.