Papi don’t preach

Papi don't preachIn a washed-out-white press room in Yankee Stadium (Yes!), David Ortiz faced the media yesterday to say, well, not very much. Not because he was holding back, but because he simply doesn’t know.

But he did deny ever (at least knowingly) taking steroids. Nonetheless:

“I definitely was a little bit c...

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Schill, this is where you come in

Curt Schilling, saviorNot to sound alarmist, but last night’s loss may well be one of those turning points you see in the season re-cap videos. It could go either way.

Smoltz is history, the team is in turmoil, Billy Mays was a coke head, and Papi is still a day away from speaking.

Does the season hang in the balance? ...

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Smoltz designated for assignment reports the Sox have designated Smoltz for assignment. After last night’s effort, one need not wonder why.

I was at Fenway last night for the McCartney show. The ballpark hasn’t seen that many hits in weeks.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that some folks in the EMC Club were wa...

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Sox make moves at deadline

The Sox moved LaRoche and Masterson today. More here.

The Sox get switch-hitting Indians All-Star catcher Victor Martinez for Masterson, Nick Hagadone, and Bryan Price. Separately, Theo and the trio moved Adam LaRoche to Atlanta for 1B Casey Kotchman.

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Ortiz tested positive in 2003, says NY Times

This would be tough news, but not entirely unexpected. It’s why I say that list from 6 years ago should be made public and we should stop the dribs and drabs releases we’ve seen. It’s not fair to the clean players and it’s certainly not fair to the fans. If Ortiz is on the list that’s too bad...

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Jim Ed, meet the Hall

Congratulations to Jim Rice.

Jim Rice enter the Baseball Hall of Fame

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Welcome to the LaRoche Era


Breaking news out of Pittsburgh is that Adam LaRoche may very well soon be joining the Boston Red Sox as Boston once again makes a trade deadline move with Pittsburgh (LaRoche is their current RBI and HR leader).  He is, however, mired in a slump with his average dipping to .247...

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Tim Wakefield, All-Star

As I’m watching Beckett mow ’em down today, I’ve been reading a great piece on Wake in the Times.

“I had to do it or finish school and get a job,” Tim Wakefield said of developing his knuckleball.

I wrote about Wake a while back and couldn’t have been more wrong. He’s had a great year.

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Penny for your thoughts

I agree with Mazz that Brad Penny has earned a spot in the rotation and is now more than just trade bait.

But, I have to tell you, I was at Fenway last week for his start against the Marlins–the 500th consecutive sellout for the Sox (yes, I have the souvenir ball on my mantle).

Penny looked awful–...

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Beckett being Beckett; Papi being Papi

It’s me again. We’re finally breaking the post-a-month habit here at Year of the Sox. DP posted yesterday and I’m posting today. You never know, we might post again tomorrow.

It’s a terrific night. Beckett is being Beckett. A brilliant performance...

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